Among the reasons he thinks being a dog would be nice,
the most pawsitive is never having to talk to new people.

When you’re a boy and Mom is sad,
sometimes it’s the right thing to ask What’s wrong?

But sometimes it’s better to take her hand and imagine
tipping the warm honey of your love down your arm
to pool at the strong roots her fingers resemble,
so she has something to eat before the dinner shift
when she lays a hand across her mouth,
the way you see her doing
in front of the mirror before work.

When you’re a dog, it’s always the right thing
to lie your head in Mom’s lap and sigh roughly through your nostrils
while she rubs your head.

A boy wants to tell his mom all the things he knows,
all the ways he hurts,
everything he sees.
He has to learn how to be quiet.
Before he can be a man, he has to learn.

A boy is good at cuddling, and talking about
the world's small wonders revealed every day.
He already knows how to be a good dog.